Five Simple Tips for Packing

Published on 2/1/2021

Five Simple Tips for Packing


Let’s face it, moving can be a stressful time. Packing everything you own into boxes and moving it to a different location is not as easy as it might sound. You can’t pack your toothbrush and coffeemaker a week in advance, and yet the deadline to get everything out of your home or apartment can’t be fudged. Make it easier by following these five simple tips.

·         Use moving boxes. It is tempting to save money and use free grocery boxes or Amazon boxes and trash bags for your items. But packing boxes of a uniform size are much easier to organize, stack and move. They can be bought inexpensively online, at moving stores or office supply stores.

·         Label your boxes. Buy a pack of sharpies, and label your boxes with specific words. Or color code your boxes with different colored sharpies and tape. When you’re packing it’s easy to see what all is going inside, but later—whether it’s just a few days or a few months—it can be hard to find that one item you know you packed. Label using whatever system is easiest for you to be able to identify what’s in your boxes.

·         Use good packing tape. The last thing you need is an explosion if a box gets dropped. A tape dispenser makes closing your boxes quick and easy.

·         Group boxes according to categories. Try to keep your boxes in order according to rooms, or what you will need to open first. You don’t want to have to move 10 heavy boxes to get to that all-important coffee maker and toothbrush!

·         Wrap large items. For items such as furniture or things too big for boxes, wrap in shrink wrap, plastic or large blankets to protect them from scratches and damage while moving. Moving can be rough on furniture, so pad it carefully.

No matter what, packing to move isn’t exactly easy, but it can be less stressful if you follow these simple tips to take care of your belongings. And you’ll be so grateful you took that extra time when you unpack your carefully labeled boxes.